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  • A 'face-to-face social space'.
  • A place to eat, shop and play in an eclectic, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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MONDO Event Spotlight

Apr 11
Apr 18

Alliance Repertory Theatre Presents: Ride by Eric Lane
Eric Lane's poignant and hilarious play takes 2 teenage girls and an adolescent on a life-changing road trip. All 3 are keeping secrets, which will unfold over the course of their adventure. Throughout the play teenager Carrie recalls the life of Ann Frank, the subject of a high school composition. Carrie wonders if everybody isn't living in their own secret annex. The girls true selves begin to emerge and their " ride " becomes both a physical and emotional one.

Performance dates:

Brownstone Theater Artspace, 3rd Level
Apr 17

April 17th, 7pm to 9pm
Artist Reception
Contemporary Art Group & Pea Brain
Show dates: March 28- April 30


PeaBrain: Champagne Wishes / Caviar Dreams
March 28- April 30

Apr 18

Saturday April 18th - 8pm Show; Doors Open 7:30pm
Jazz at MONDO: Gianna Salvato, vocals / Dan Rufolo, piano
Tickets $20 adults $15 student, $17, for adults in advance, $12 for students in advance.
Reserve at:

Apr 29

Do you know someone struggling with an eating disorder?
It could be happening right at your dinner table.

Wednesday, April 29th
Lunch & Learn

The Eating Disorders Program at Overlook Foundation and Goryeb Children's Hospital presents
Eating Disorders
* Myths and Realities
* Signs and Symptoms
* Solutions and Q & A's

Presentation by Meghan Feehan, PsyD, Psychologist, Eating Disorders Program
Also featuring a recovered patient and her parent.