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  • We connect dynamic women through physical and digital spaces. Growth-minded individuals will feel comfortable working or collaborating, teaching or mentoring, focusing or dreaming with the Co-Co.  Our diverse membership draws from a myriad backgrounds, many ages + stages, and life experiences. Our spaces and programming (virtual and IRL) attract professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, small business owners, consultants, freelancers, remote workers, and those creating new pathways for themselves and others.


    • A welcoming, intimate group to call your collaborators and peers

    • The opportunity to learn from leaders/entrepreneurs inside and outside your industry.

    • A beautiful, light-filled space designed for productivity and connection

    • A thriving community working to expand their careers, their knowledge-base and have fun along the way

    • A place to showcase your talents, expertise or launch your next venture.

    • A safe and nurturing space to learn and build your professional skills

    • Curated connections and networking opportunities to empower your growth

    • A focus on personal growth and success in all areas of life, not just your career

Photography credit: Rebecca Ryan
Art credit: Gail Winbury

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