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 At The Writers Circle, creativity, imagination and play are the most critical tools of writing.
We offer workshops for children and adults in a supportive, encouraging environment where writers at all stages of their craft can find their voices, develop and complete projects, and discover the joy and freedom of creative writing.
TWC Workshops for Kids tap into children’s natural enthusiasm and free their creative spirit. But instead of using toys or costumes, we use the most powerful creative tool ever created – the written word. Taking a multidisciplinary approach that includes role-playing, music, movement and tactile experience as well as examples of great stories from around the world, children dive into the excitement of playing with words while developing their writing skills. Try our Story Magic workshops for elementary school children, Teen Writers Circles, For Boys Only and more.
TWC Adult Workshops welcome writers of all genres and experience to explore and develop work in class or to take writing they’ve done on their own to the next level. Workshops include guided critique groups, or “Writers Circles”, as well as classes on novel writing, memoir and more. Craft issues like structure, point-of-view, character development, pace, and style are addressed in a positive, constructive environment. And we share our knowledge of the ever-changing publishing world. With great respect for each writer, our workshops take on a life of their own as writers learn to trust themselves and each other for ongoing critique and inspiration as they move toward completion of work and eventual publication.
The Writers Circle Speaker Series features published authors and publishing industry professionals in once-a-month workshops. Learn about writing for children, spiritual writing, graphic novels and comic books, self-publishing and more.
Register for classes or find out more at or call 973-900-0415. And check out our blog, The Writers Circle: practice, process, hope & the business of writing.


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